Thinking Out Louder

Oregon Public Broadcasting has certainly hit the ground running with Public Action. They’ve been live for about two months, and already have over 1,500 submissions from an active and growing base of registered users. The new talk show “Think Out Loud” has been their focus in deploying Public Action, with discussions tied directly to daily show content. The effort has been spearheaded in part by Online Host David Miller, former Producer for the forward-thinking “blog with a radio program” Radio Open Source.

Kudos to the team for both visual integration as well as clear leadership in putting the discussion content front and center for their audience. They’ve put a lot of effort into compelling topics, leading questions, and top notch presentation. By focusing their audience on only a few key discussions at a time (talk show discussions usually launch day-of), they get lively participation, and by asking their listeners to register with real names, they use accountability to create high quality discussions.

Bottom line, OPB is leading the pack when thinking about how to tightly integrate online participation with on-air presentation.


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