Public Action @ Public Media 08

Headed to this year’s IMA conference in LA? Come see what’s new with Public Action™ as we show off the latest features and customers and share what we’re learning about building community. You can even get a sneak preview into what’s next in online engagement…

Find us at the booth!
Look for our Public Interactive booth, where we’ll be on-hand to show off new product features. Test drive our Election ’08 discussion widget and ask us about the chance to get nation-wide visibility for your station’s Public Action election discussion.

See us on stage!
Come see Product Manager Keith Hopper’s sneak peak of a proposed new Public Action feature at the Demo Breakfast Speed Demos on Thursday, February 21st at 7AM. Keith will also be chairing the “Talk Show and Social Media” panel on Friday, February 22nd at 9:45AM.

Check out our latest customer launch!
See how KQED has integrated Public Action into their new distributed “You Decide” feature during the “Social Media Election Tools” session on Friday, February 22nd at 4:30 PM.


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