Airport Discussion Lands Big

The World Airport Discussion

PRI’s “The World” recently launched a Public Action discussion asking their listeners the question “What was your worst experience at an international airport?” The discussion attracted significant participation with over 300 listener-submitted stories and was featured as part of an innovative Yahoo! audio slide show. This was The World‘s largest and most successful discussion to date.

What’s the recipe for getting so many submissions, you ask? It was likely due to three factors, working in tandem:

  1. Start with a compelling question that encourages everyone to be an expert
  2. Incorporate a direct link into relevant and meaningful content – extra points if your content doubles as an external promotional vehicle (slideshow used audio content from the program)
  3. Get visibility (the slideshow yielded nearly 500,000 views)

Visit the airport discussion.
Take a look at the Yahoo! Audio slideshow.


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