Public Action Press Release

PRI has announced the nationwide availability of our Community Engagement product, Public Action today in a Press Release (shhhhh… don’t tell anyone that we’ve been out of Beta since July).

The uptake has surpassed my expectations. Over the the initial weeks of product availability, Public Interactive secured ten new customers, including WVIA, KIOS, PBS 45 & 49, WCBE, KUAR, WABE, WIUM, WBFO, WOSU, and the Public Radio News Directors organization, PRNDI. They join seven other organizations as well as the programs Car Talk, PRI’s The World and Fair Game in choosing Public Action.

This rapid adoption suggests to me a growing need for Community Engagement tools across the industry. Our shared Public Action Network has grown to 20 user organizations, added thousands of registered users, and now totals over 25,000 comments.

Keep an eye on this spot for more updates, including impending new product improvements, featured customer discussions, and info on my visit to PRPD next week.

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