Car Talk Success

We’re beside ourselves with the nice words from Car Talk about their experiences with Public Action. And we didn’t even pay them to say it! The following are some quotes from Doug Mayer’s (Sr. Car Talk Lackey) interview with PRI’s Barb Eisinger. You can read the full story in all its photographic glory here (warning: faces made for radio)


“Public Action is by far the best thing that’s come along for community engagement. It’s intuitive and very easy to use. We work hard to build a sense of community around the ‘Car Talk’ experience, and Public Action provides an easy way for fans to interact with one another, with Tom and Ray and with people who are new to the show.”

“We’re really excited that Public Action gives listeners the ability to post photos, audio, video streaming and more. That opens up several options. For example, listeners could record the scary sound their VW Golf is making and ask the guys what it is. Or we might hold a Dirtiest Car Interior Contest. We might record different car sounds and have people guess what they are or what they mean in term of diagnosing a problem.”

“It’s not too often that I get excited by something online. I see a lot of stuff that’s touted as the next great thing, but Public Action is very, very cool. Public Interactive has done a really good job of implementing it. They obviously have some very skilled people there who are incredibly conscientious, and that gives me great confidence.”


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